Why Buy Flowers Online


It is the ways things are done today. How we order our food to how we shop for clothes- the way of today involves window shopping on the web. This even applies to how many people choose to buy their flowers. With that in mind, we’ve broken down the process to make it an easy how-to for why you should buy flowers online.

Weigh Your Options: Online or In-Store

The consumer experience plays a major role in how you order flowers. What is it that you are looking for, and what kind of experience do you want to get out of it?

The Online Purchase

Like most things, ordering flowers online is the most convenient option. It is as simple as typing into a search engine “florists that deliver near me." You will get a list of options along with reviews, photos and so much more.

Buying flowers online is truly a universal option when it comes to giving a gift. Flower delivery gives anyone the option to show they care for any occasion and with major convenience. If your best friend lives in a different state and you want to congratulate her on a promotion, ordering flowers online gives you that opportunity.

Gifting someone flowers opens the door to communication. They help convey a message, emotion and are present even when we physically can’t be. Ordering online is a popular option for time restraint and overall convenience, even when it comes to your floral purchases.

As with online purchases, the organized reviews and the easy-to-fill-out forms are enticing. However, with all online purchases, you have to know that you may not always get what you think you purchased, as a photo’s look can be deceiving.

Your Local Florist

There is a lot of fine print that is involved with online shopping. Sometimes, online shopping can feel a bit like a guessing game. You can buy a shirt that you love based on the pictures and when you receive it in the mail, feel completely disappointed. The material may not feel like you anticipated or the overall look may be different because the model wearing it gave a skewed view.

We aren’t discouraging you from buying flowers online., In fact, there are many positives to it. You just have to know how to navigate it correctly. In fact, if you are looking for the best place to buy flowers online, consider the website of your community’s local florist.

You may not have the opportunity to go into your local flower shop when you are ordering flowers, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying local. It can be the recipient’s local florist. It is a quick Google search. Ordering from a local florist online will help ensure you still receive that personal care, help you to support a local business and still bridge the distance separating you and the recipient.

Ordering from a local florist, either online or in-person, makes getting assistance, input and adjustments a breeze. If you are just not sure where to start, a local florist will be able to help with that too.

Why buy flowers online? The short answer is this. The gift of flowers will never go out of style. Contrary to any skeptic’s belief- sending or receiving flowers is not old-fashioned, and it is not outdated. They still make an impact on anyone that receives them.

What Type of Flowers Should You Buy Online

There are so many different types of flowers to purchase online - flowers that can be sent to fit any occasion. This includes (but is not limited to) birthday, thank you and sympathy flowers. The occasion you are having flowers delivered often influences the flowers you choose to send.

Birthday flowers may be the most personalized of any flower arrangement you can order online. Among the five most popular birthday flowers to consider are the rose (always a favorite), chrysanthemums, pansies, gerbera daisies and carnations. These are just a few of the most common options, but birthday flowers can be manipulated to fit any recipient’s floral preference.

Ordering flowers online isn’t just for happy occasions. They can also be used to express sincerity and extend condolences. Sympathy flowers’ style are often influenced by the person they are representing; the flowers chosen may vary due to that person’s personality or floral preference. The top sympathy flower of choice is the lily. This is due to their look and their meaning of restored innocence of the soul of the departed.

Sometimes the best time to have flowers delivered to someone is when there is no occasion at all. They are great “just because” gifts. They are beautiful reminders of love, care and emotion. There is no- contact, same-day delivery available, making ordering and sending flowers online especially significant in these uncertain times.

When deciding on any flowers for any occasion, regardless of if you buy them online, on the phone or at the shop, consult with the local florist filling the order, as they will give more insight and suggestions to ensure it is perfect.

What You Need to Know About Buying Flowers Online

When buying flowers or frankly, anything online, it is important to always read the fine print before purchasing. Don’t just rely on the product picture to ensure you get what you believe you are ordering.

What size arrangement option you choose and the product availability play a huge factor. If you buy a small bouquet; your flowers will be filled accordingly to cost. Now, more than ever, floral products are harder to get (due to the impact of COVID on businesses) but are in high demand. This may factor into your bouquet’s final look.

If you aren’t sure about design or style, call the local florist to have them help you. It is best to order flowers three to four days in advance to ensure availability. When it comes to having flowers delivered, have your details on hand like the address in which it needs to be delivered, the recipient's name and phone number. This makes ordering flowers easy and simple.

What is it that you want? Do you want the convenience to be a part of the experience, or do you want something somewhere between convenience and one-on-one care? It is important to weigh your options and decide what it is that you want when it comes to purchasing flowers.

Buying or receiving flowers should be an enjoyable experience- an experience you should never forget. Let our florists at Pinkz Floral Design serving areas around Oro Valley, AZ, help you with any questions you may have or orders you need to be filled for someone special today. We are but a call or click away!

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